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About us

TY Driving School provides professional services for anyone looking to pass their driving tests.


Professional & Experienced

All our instructors are DSA approved. We are all constantly in sync with the latest recommendations to ensure our students are trained to the highest quality.

We're all highly experienced drivers. With this experience comes a level of knowledge and expertise the we can pass on to help make you a better, safer driver.


We understand that driving may be terrifying for some when they first try. We will work with you to overcome this and any other problem preventing you from reaching your full potential as a motorist.

Already comfortable on the road?

We tailor the driving to the experience of the learner. If you've got some experience and you're comfortable and just want to get on with it, we'll be happy to guide you at the pace you can handle!

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Our services

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Intensive courses

Designed for anyone who wants to power through and get their test over and done with.

Block Lessons

Like intensive courses but more flexibility is allowed in terms of your driving schedule.

Single Lessons

When your time is limited, single lessons are ideal to fit into when and how you can get some practice in.

Pass Plus

Passing your test isn't the end of the learning experience, as well as lowering your insurance, Pass Plus gets you hands on experience on the motor way and more!

Refresher Courses

Has it been a while since you last drove a car? Just passed but still a little unsure about certain aspects of driving? Perhaps it's motorway or night driving? A refresher is just what you need!

We will get you ready and driving safely for your test and beyond!

Our Work

Still not convinced? Take a look at some of our students

Trust us, we'll get you there!
Driving should be fun and relaxing.

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Experienced, friendly and professional!

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TY Driving School is the perfect place for you to pass your test. Whether you're a new or an experienced driver, we can get you there!

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